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Arttora is a platform that makes art and skills accessible to anyone worldwide and aims at creating a unique social network for artists and an art-loving community all around the world. As an exclusive platform for the artist community, Arttora provides an avenue for the community to share, discuss, network, and collaborate with like-minded people from all corners of the globe. The concept of Arttora is based on the belief that by offering robust platform-based marketing support to artists to help them realize their true potential, they will be able to uncover hidden artistic gems. Talk to Experts

The team has always delivered on time and even ahead of schedule. Although our requirements were loosely defined at the outset, they were very proactive and involved in the process to help us meet our deadlines

Vinay Doggali

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In the brief, the client’s main need is to design a user interface and a user experience that is customer-centric. The user would be able to choose their art and culture preferences in this process flow

Initially, we set out with the intention of building the entire platform from scratch. The first entry into the industry and the flexibility of working on an agile timeline were critical in order to take advantage of the opportunity. The team was aware that the platform would have to be developed in stages before its ultimate vision could be realized. A scalable minimum viable product was therefore needed and business value-based feature features were prioritized.


Initially, when we communicated with the client, they were very clear with the idea and explained his target goal to build an art community business platform that will make art forms more accessible for users. With this information in hand, we were able to better understand their idea, and we began building an MVP app for it.



Using the app, users are able to create events, post videos, post images, and conduct classes such as Dance, Music, and Painting. Moreover, users have a wide variety of art forms to choose from when posting. Dance, singing, instrumental, photography, videography, painting, and sculpting are all available. The app also shows upcoming events and classes from other artists


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