How Seed vision achieved 40% reduction in QA cost of seeds with a Patented DNA seed recognition system






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About Seedvision

Seed vision is the product of new age agritech company ‘Agdhi’. There has been an increase in concerns about the quality of seeds in recent years. A phenotypic defect is one of the criteria that are used to judge the quality of seeds. In most cases, the traditional method of detecting seed defects consists of manual inspection, which is both inefficient and subjective, making it a poor way to detect defects in seeds. There is a need, therefore, for an objective, automated, and effective method of screening seed. So They build a product (hardware and software) with AI and computer vision-enabled patented technology to test seeds with its DNA sequence.

CybersapientTechnologies efficiently delivered the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within 4 weeks and successfully completed the project within a 4-month timeframe, demonstrating their commitment to timely and efficient delivery

Nikhil Das

Co founder, Agdhi

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Traditionally, seed defects are detected through manual inspection, which is time-consuming and subjective. As a result, an objective and automated method of screening seeds was needed. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) vision technology, Photometry, Radiometry, and Computer Vision, Seed vision is able to provide efficient methods for classifying and analyzing seeds. Color, texture, size, and shape of seeds are extracted from images, and defects are detected using various computer vision classifiers. Rather than relying on human labor, automation provides an efficient method for seed sorting.


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