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Freelance work collaboration platform for small businesses and creators

It has an Interactive digital proposal feature to capture all the necessary details from the brands, which helps to avoid back and forth revisions. It also includes a revolutionary customer engagement platform called C- connect

A portal built for raising needs of remote jobs in the market

The platform is functional with 10000+ jobs being added everyday, ATS integration, Social community job alerts, Automated email delivery for custom alerts.

Bubblegum Regional Job portal for tech professionals in India.

This platform was built to source high profile tech candidates that can be recruited on project basis. 10,000+ Professionals already got their dream job last year using Bubblegum

Seedvision is an AI based seed analysis machine

AI based seed analysis machine with integrated data processing and reporting mechanism. Till date it has analyzed and achieved a business revenue worth  $20 M.

This product is a mobile app with tensor flow-based computer vision.

It is revolutionizing the agritech industry by collating Terabytes of data and predicting the quality of seeds in minutes.

Paperless loan approval and disbursal in Super fast speed

The fintech platform build for providing customized loans for people based on their repaying capacity and credit score.

Next generation insurance management portal

The system’s primary function is to automate insurance processes, from policy underwriting and claims processing to risk assessment and fraud detection. It enables insurers to offer personalized products and services based on customer data and behavior.

Web3 enabled ecommerce platform with AR based video shopping feature

An online commerce platform designed for changing purchase behavior of users. 

Video commerce | Chat commerce | Live stream shopping | AI price negotiator

Personal finance management platform

This is a financial tracking application that utilizes email and SMS data to calculate and categorize users’ financial expenses. The app helps users gain insights into their income, expenses, and investments, providing a clear understanding of their financial situation. Through analyzing communication data, it efficiently categorizes expenses and offers valuable insights into where money is being spent.

Autonomous fleet management system with IOT integrated vehicles

It provides a comprehensive set of tools that enable fleet managers to monitor vehicle usage, track maintenance schedules, and optimize routes and schedules to improve fuel efficiency and reduce operating costs.