Technology consultancy

Offering comprehensive technology consulting services to help organizations design, validate, engineer, test, deploy, and maintain sophisticated technology solutions.

Align your technology with your business strategy

As an IT transformation company, we provide end-to-end services. The greatest cost-efficiency boost a modern business can achieve comes from effective technology application.

Solution discovery

Translate your business idea into a properly implemented project. Following in-depth scrutiny and validation of the project concept, we will discover a technology suite that will perform specifically for your business goals. Ensure cost-efficiency, high-quality performance, and technical excellence from the onset. This team uses Node.js with TypeScript, GraphQL, and AWS

Solution Audit

Underperforming solutions are liabilities, not assets. With our solution audit services, you'll find out what's holding your solution back. You'll get a comprehensive list of issues that are keeping your software from performing as it should.

Modernization Discovery

Business competitiveness cannot be developed on legacy platforms. Let us conduct an in-depth scrutiny of your solution to define the improvement and modernization areas to make use of. Moreover, we will provide our recommendations on how to efficiently and painlessly for your business to implement the changes it needs.

Migration Discovery

Your business performance is hindered by an outdated solution infrastructure. With our consulting services, you can migrate to a safer, more suitable environment. Our migration experts will assess your app's readiness for migration and provide you with a detailed plan for a predictable, downtime-proof migration.

Capability Enablement

If your delivery system lacks one or several specific components, we can integrate them seamlessly and efficiently. With Cybersapient, companies can deliver the solutions they owe their clients throughout the software development process.

Reliable technology to enhance operational efficiency

Our IT experts have worked in the industry for five years. As a result, we are able to develop an effective IT consulting approach that delivers maximum benefits in the shortest amount of time.


The Cybersapient talent team had done an incredible job in creating an experienced team for Agdhi, The onboarding and other formalities were very smooth and the TA partners were very helpful in clarifying our doubts.

Nikhil Das

CTO, Agdhi

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