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Hire our developer to craft performance-driven Android Apps.

Kotlin has emerged as a more suitable and better alternative to Java for developing Android, server-side, web, and desktop applications. We create an error-free, robust, feature-rich, engaging, secure and industry-best application to make your business stand out from the competitors.
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Kotlin Application Development

Cybersapient offers stress-free Kotlin app development. Our developers are experts in developing apps for utilities, business enterprises, social networks, games, data-sharing, AR/VR and more. We develop clean, streamlined, and bug-free applications tailored to your specific needs.
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Kotlin App UI/UX Design

Our Kotlin developers are well versed in crafting high-quality UI/UX designs for Android apps. We collaborate with you to wireframe your app interfaces, ensuring that they are compatible with the latest Android versions.
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Kotlin App QA & Testing

We conduct a series of rigorous Quality Assurance checks before the app is released to the public. Moreover, we can review and optimize your existing Kotlin code to ensure that it meets the needs of current and future users.
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Kotlin App Migration

We will help you to migrate your legacy app to the Kotlin programming language for improved performance rendering on Android without causing crashes. Our developers have experience converting app codes developed in non-compatible languages to Kotlin.
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Kotlin App Maintenance

We make sure that your application is able to engage all of your users successfully. Our team upgrades and maintains your app’s code, adds new features, and optimizes logic flows whenever possible.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Kotlin programming used for?

Programmers choose Kotlin for Android development because it allows them to produce code that is more concise, expressive, and secure.

Should I hire dedicated Kotlin programmers or Java developers?

Full-stack Kotlin app developers are proficient at both front-end and back-end development.

What if i am not satisfied with the hired salesforce developer ?

Kotlin offers several advantages over Java. Kotlin developers spend up to 40% less time writing and coding than Java developers. If you need Java developers, you can choose them. Kotlin is a better choice for Android projects if you’re debating between Java and Kotlin.


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