Pull valuable insights from millions of data sources

Give your stakeholders the facts they need. Implement a real-time AWS system to capture data from databases, APIs, Excel, and SaaS tools.
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Analyze and make decisions based on data
You can turn data into game-changing insights with the help of our engineering team. In addition to analyzing many sources, you will be able to optimize your costs by using the cloud.

We use AWS Glue, AWS EMR, AWS QuickSight, Step Functions, and Kinensis, among others. We adhere to GDPR and data security regulations.

Implement big data analytics to the fullest extent


In order to make data work for you, you need to pull it from multiple sources and make it usable. The ETL (extract-transform-load) and ELT (extract-load-transform) processes convert data from SQLs, files, PDFs, and CRMs into clear values.

To begin the data extraction, transformation, and loading process, your engineers must perform either ETL or ELT, depending on the data requirements and who will be reading it.

Data Migration

Transfer web services with their content untouched from one server to another. Prepare an automated and flexible migration system that you can reuse. The product will remain live.

It becomes more efficient to centralize your data, swap technologies, or perform deep analysis.

Data Lake/ Warehouse

Data can only be accessed quickly and unrestricted if you build a lake. It is better to build a warehouse if only critical and error-free data is relevant. We can recommend a way forward - rest assured.

You can dig into raw facts with little overhead with a data lake. A warehouse would provide your board with accurate and structured information.

Stream Processing

Set up active monitoring for intel from end users, marketing, and sales. By processing public data or signals from smart devices, you can expand your product's capabilities.

Consider stream processing technology if you need to keep up with what's happening now with data.
Qualified Team
The Cybersapient talent team had done an incredible job in creating an experienced team for Agdhi, The onboarding and other formalities were very smooth and the TA partners were very helpful in clarifying our doubts.

Nikhil Das

CTO, Agdhi

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