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At cybersapient we recognize the need to create seamless customer experiences that deliver greater value and bridge the physical-digital divide through our products and services.

How it works

Step 1

At the start of our product journey together, we prioritize understanding your vision. This involves diving deep into your idea, crafting a comprehensive project brief, and gathering all the necessary research, including market statistics and competitor benchmarks. By doing so, we ensure that we are fully prepared for our collaborative and immersive sessions, eliminating any potential roadblocks caused by missing information

Step 2

We consolidate the findings from our research and collaborate with you to develop a robust value proposition, while also establishing key assumptions to validate. With this information, we begin outlining the initial user journey for your product, creating user stories that serve as a foundation for evaluating features in the upcoming stage of the process: Product Rationale.

Step 3

With all the necessary information in hand, we can now compile the definitive list of User Stories and features required to validate the primary assumptions in a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) or Proof of Concept (POC). Our team of experts, including those in Product, UX/UI, and Tech Architecture, will concentrate on resolving any outstanding queries that arose throughout our collaboration.

True impact on business
Mobile app that helped 3000+ customers to get paperless loan

By leveraging our expertise in fintech and cybersecurity we created an app that helps customers choose the best loans for their needs from 50+ banks

Developing an onboard computer for vehicle health updates on logistic trucks

Our IoT engineers has designed a state of the art sensor networks combined with data analysis engine to achieve maximum efficiency on logistics vehicles

Building a Web and mobile app platform for real estate property rental and sales

Web and mobile engineering teams combined with UX design team created a platform that scaled up to 25k users in within the second month after launch


Creating a data extraction engine to analyze and collate data from different sources

We created a highly reliable application that can extract different information across various data formats and sources and then analyze, convert and insert into the destination database

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“The project has been in capable hands and the team has demonstrated exceptional responsiveness, engagement, and a genuine commitment to making the project the best it can be.”

- Deepan Sankhar,
Delivery head,
Cognium Dov

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